Independenxy principle
envelope requirement and two-point size

Independenxy principle envelope requirement and two-point size

For engineering/technical drawings prepared on the basis of global ISO GPS Standards, the rules, concepts and principles in ISO 8015:2011 apply by default, unless agreed otherwise.
The independency principle states that specifications, e.g. dimension, shape and location tolerances, are fully independent of each other, and must therefore be checked and fulfilled independently of one another.Also, with the introduction of ISO 14405-1, the standard DIN 7167 (“envelope requirement”), widely used in Germany and Switzerland, was withdrawn.The “envelope requirement” must therefore now be explicitly indicated on all drawings in which it applies. The “envelope requirement” (DIN 7167) was applicable in Germany from 1987 to 2011 even when the standard was not indicated on a drawing. Drawing indication independency principle (ISO 8015)Each GPS specification applies only to the size given. Shape deviations are limited e.g. by a general tolerance, but are in no way dependent on the size tolerance. Each size, shape and location tolerance is tested separately.

The subject module is intended to consolidate understanding of the principle of independence, the envelope condition and the two-point size

Subject module Technical Drawing

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